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This article is about the British colony. For the British monarch it was named after, see Victoria (queen). For the Egyptian canal, see Victoria Canal.

Queen Victoria.

Victoria was a British colony founded in the 19th century and named after Queen Victoria. In 1906, Victoria was one of the founding members of the United British Commonwealth of Nations, along with Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Egypt, and India. During the early days of the Global War, 3500 British Marines stationed in Victoria were airlifted to Arabia to put down the Arab Revolt there, while another 20,000 traveled by ship to Constantinople.

Although Sobel never specifically says where Victoria is, its proximity to the Arab revolt of 1939, and the fact that British marines there were guarding the Victoria Canal, suggests that it included either the Sinai Peninsula, Palestine, Cyprus, or possibly some combination of the three.

In For All Nails, Victoria is located in Kenya.