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Governor-General Henderson Dewey.

The Transportation Control Act was a major legislative act sponsored by Liberal Governor-General Henderson Dewey during his first term in office as part of what he called his "dismantling operation". As with much of Dewey's legislation, the bill was introduced simply, with little prologue, by an undistinguished Liberal back-bencher. The bill created the Confederation Transportation Authority to consolidate the various government agencies regulating railroads, airmobile lines, and interconfederation trucking.

As was the case with other major legislation sponsored by Dewey, the Transportation Control Act passed with little difficulty after being praised by Dewey and his fellow Liberals as "liberating." Members of the opposition People's Coalition pointed out that the bill was popular in rural and underdeveloped areas of the Confederation of North America, particularly in the Confederation of Manitoba. The one mode of transportation not covered by the Act was the locomobile, which was likely a deliberate omission made by the Dewey administration as a gesture to locomobile magnate Owen Galloway, or possibly at Galloway's direction.