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Kramer Bomb detonation: June 30, 1962.

The Taichung Project was a Kramer Associates scientific project to build and test an atomic bomb. The project was named after Taichung, Taiwan, the city where it was located. The Taichung Project was manned by over 500 scientists, many of whom, like project head Carlos Sparling, had defected from the United States of Mexico following the Mercator coup in 1950. Only Kramer President Carl Salazar and five of his board members knew what the project's goal was; the other board members were simply told that "our security rests in Taichung."

The Taichung Project succeeded in building an atomic bomb, which was tested in the north Pacific on June 30, 1962. When news of the discovery of the atomic bomb was released to the world in a press conference by Salazar on July 20, 1962, the result was an international atomic arms race.

Sobel's sources for the Taichung Project are a series of newspaper stories from the New York Herald dated July 1 - 29, 1962, and a letter from Kramer Associates historian Stanley Tulin dated September 15, 1970.