The Senate was the upper house of the legislature in the State of Jefferson under the Constitution of 1793. The fifteen members of the Senate were chosen as a body by the forty-two members of the Chamber of Representatives for five year terms, with the understanding that no person could be a member of both houses simultaneously. The Senate selected the three Governors of Jefferson by a majority vote, and also ratified the members of the High Court by a two-thirds vote. The Senate ratified all legislation initiated by the Chamber.

The first Senate was selected by the Chamber on 19 January 1794, and met to choose the first three Governors on 25 January. By 1 February all seven members of the High Court had been ratified.

Sobel makes no further mention of the Senate after its initial session in January 1794. It may be that the Jeffersonians found their bicameral legislature too cumbersome, and abolished the Senate some time after its formation.

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