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The Santos colony.

The Santos colony is a French-speaking area of the Empire of Brazil. Although Sobel does not specify the origin of the Santos colony or how it came to be under Brazilian rule, it is likely that it was originally the colony of French Guiana on the north coast of South America. French Guiana's incorporation within Brazil was probably either the result of an Anglo-Portuguese conquest of the colony in the late 1790s during the Trans-Oceanic War, or a Brazilian conquest of the colony in the late 1870s in alliance with the Germanic Confederation during the Franco-German War.

During his "grand survey" of 1912, French President Henri Fanchon sent his fraternal greetings to the people of several former French colonies, including the Santos colony, letting them know that "Your Mother remembers." The population of the Santos colony invited Fanchon to visit their land, but the Emperor of Brazil refused to allow him entry into his country.

The Santos colony does not have an entry in Sobel's index.

In For All Nails it has been established that Brazil annexed French Guiana during the Franco-German War.