Quito showing provinces.

Quito is a South American nation on the Pacific coast, near the Equator.

Quito was originally part of the Spanish Viceroyalty of Peru, but became part of the newly-organized Viceroyalty of New Granada in 1717.

Quito gained independence both from Spain and New Granada by 1805, in the aftermath of the Trans-Oceanic War. After the conquest of New Granada by the United States of Mexico in 1890, Quito and Rio Negro became neighbors of the Mexican bloc. Though their poverty and lack of military potential dissuaded Mexican Chief of State Benito Hermión from conquering them outright, both nations became part of the Mexican sphere of influence in South America.

Quito has no entry in Sobel's index.

Quito presumably occupies a similar location to Ecuador IOW.

In For All Nails Quito is annexed by New Granada in 1974, then invaded by Australian and Taiwanese forces in 1975.

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