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Current President Raphael Dominguez.

The President of the United States of Mexico is the chief executive of the government of the U.S.M. Under the Mexico City Constitution, the President was originally chosen by the Senate for a six-year term. However, following the ratification of President Arthur Conroy's Presidential Election Amendment in 1864, the President was elected by popular vote, with the Senate selecting the President only if no candidate won a majority. The President appoints a Cabinet to advise him and oversee various departments of the government.

The President has the power to veto legislation by the Mexican Congress, which can override his veto by a two-thirds vote. The President may call new Congressional elections at his own discretion, although none has ever done so. The President nominates judges to serve on the Mexico Tribunal, subject to ratification by the Senate. The President is commander-in-chief of the U.S.M.'s military forces.

The Mexican government has experienced two periods of autocratic rule. In the first, Constabulary Commandant Benito Hermión was named Chief of State by the Cabinet following the death of President George Vining in September 1881. Democratic rule was not restored until the 1902 Mexican elections in June 1902. In the second, Colonel Vincent Mercator led a military coup in January 1950. Despite a sham election in November 1965, democratic rule has not been restored in the U.S.M. as of 1971.

Chief Executives of the United States of Mexico
President/Chief of State Term Party State
1 Andrew Jackson 1821 - 1839 Continentalist Party Jefferson
2 Miguel Huddleston 1839 - 1845 Liberty Party Durango
3 Pedro Hermión 1845 - 1851 Continentalist Party Jefferson
4 Hector Niles 1851 - 1857 Liberty Party California
5 Arthur Conroy 1857 - 1869 Continentalist Party Arizona
6 Omar Kinkaid 1869 - 1879 Continentalist Party California
7 George Vining 1879 - 1881 Continentalist Party Jefferson
Benito Hermión 1881 - 1901 none Jefferson
Martin Cole 1901 - 1902 none unknown
8 Anthony Flores 1902 - 1914 United Mexican Party Durango
9 Victoriano Consalus 1914 - 1920 United Mexican Party unknown
10 Emiliano Calles 1920 - 1926 Liberty Party unknown
11 Pedro Fuentes 1926 - 1932 United Mexican Party Chiapas
12 Alvin Silva 1932 - 1950 Liberty Party Durango
Felix Garcia 1950 - 1954 none unknown
Vincent Mercator 1954 - 1965 none Jefferson
13 Raphael Dominguez 1965 - Progressive Party Mexico City