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New Zealand.

New Zealand is an island country in the southwest Pacific Ocean, 900 miles east of Australia. The islands were first settled in the thirteenth century by Polynesians who now make up the native Maori culture. The Dutch explorer Abel Tasman sighted the islands in 1642, and Dutch cartographers named it Nova Zeelandia after the Dutch province of Zeeland. The British explorer James Cook subsequently Anglicised the name to New Zealand. The islands were colonized by the British in the nineteenth century.

During the Bloody Eighties, New Zealand received a wave of settlement from France, the Netherlands, and Italy as those with the means to do so fled the disorders and violence of those countries. Although Sobel does not specifically say so, representatives from New Zealand presumably attended the First Imperial Conference in London in 1881, and the Second in New York City the following year. New Zealand was one of the founding nations of the United British Empire in 1906.

During the Diffusion Era, the Galloway Trust aided the emigration of 101,326 North Americans to New Zealand between 1923 and 1970, mostly during the 1920s. Sobel states that most of the North American emigrants were intellectuals who lacked the skills needed in their new country. When North Americans began occupying many of the available teaching positions in New Zealand, the country's government responded by barring anyone of less than ten years' residency from the teaching profession. The emigrants also suffered discrimination at the hands of native New Zealanders, who had no sympathy for the anti-urban ideals that motivated many of them.

Sobel makes no mention of New Zealand's role in the Global War, though it is likely the country went to war with the Germanic Confederation and the United States of Mexico in the 1940s at the same time Australia did, and that New Zealanders fought alongside the Australians against them. It is likely that New Zealand suffered aerial attacks from the Mexican Navy, and may have even been subjected to invasion and occupation by the Mexicans.