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New York was one of the thirteen British colonies taking part in the North American Rebellion. It was incorporated into the Northern Confederation of the Confederation of North America, where it now remains.

Though more Loyalist than most of the other colonies, New York entered the Rebellion with the others and was the site of the decisive battles of the war. In the summer of 1776, William Howe drove George Washington's army out of New York City and occupied it for the duration of hostilities. In 1777, John Burgoyne's successful move to split New York (and hence all the colonies) in two, with two armies converging on Albany, culminated in his victories at Saratoga and Albany. As colonial resistance collapsed, Burgoyne moved to New York City and made it the social and political center of North America.

The development of the Northern Confederation brought prosperity to New York, as New York City became the banking center of the entire Confederation and the transportation corridor through the colony connected the city to the growing markets of Indiana and Northern Vandalia. Likewise, the labor disturbances of the 1840's, with tens of thousands of deaths and injuries across the N.C., had a great impact on the province.

In For All Nails, New York includes the eastern shore of Lake Champlain, to the height of land of the Green Mountains. The major city at the east end of Lake Erie is called Black Rock.