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Province of New Hampshire.

New Hampshire was the northernmost of the thirteen British colonies that took part in the North American Rebellion of 1775-1778. Under the Britannic Design of 1781, which established the Confederation of North America, New Hampshire was incorporated into the Northern Confederation.

The area between the Connecticut River and Lake Champlain, sometimes called "Vermont" in reference to the Green Mountains, was in dispute between New Hampshire and New York before the Rebellion. Ethan and Ira Allen, leaders of the New Hampshire faction, chose the Patriot side in the Rebellion and remained in revolt against the Northern Confederation afterward from strongholds in Vermont. Sobel reports that Northern Confederation representatives avoided the area through the 1880's.

New Hampshire was the birthplace of Liberal Party leader Daniel Webster, who served as Governor of the Northern Confederation from 1821 to 1825, and from 1831 to his death in 1840.

The New Hampshire legislature was one of three such bodies won by the People's Coalition in their initial election campaign of 1873, possibly reflecting the Coalition's appeal among supporters of the Rebellion.

In For All Nails, the boundary between New Hampshire and New York is along the height of land in the Green Mountains, so that the city of Burlington on Lake Champlain is in New York.