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Mikhail Kornilov

General Mikhail Kornilov.

Mikhail Kornilov was a Russian military leader during the Great Northern War of 1898 - 1901. Sobel gives Kornilov's first name as Mischa, an unusual transliteration of Misha, the diminutive form of Mikhail.

General Kornilov commanded Russian forces in Alaska north of the Mexican border. Following a clash with the Mexican army on 17 May 1898, Kornilov's forces crossed the border into California on 21 May. Ten days later, having advanced within twenty miles of San Francisco, Kornilov's army was defeated by combined elements of the California Guard and a contingent of 20,000 Mexican marines from the Pacific Fleet. Kornilov's army was forced to retreat until August, when it was caught between the Mexican forces advancing from California and a second force of Mexican marines advancing south from Nikolaevsk. Kornilov was forced to surrender to General Richard Stockton. Kornilov was presumably interned by the Mexicans after his surrender, but his subsequent career is unknown.

Kornilov does not have an entry in Sobel's index.

Sobel's source for Mikhail Kornilov's actions during the Great Northern War is Carl Needham's The Great Northern War (New York, 1963).