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President Miguel Rubio.

Miguel Rubio was the President of Guatemala in the 1860s.

When Rubio was initially contacted by representatives of Kramer Associates in 1867 on awarding the company a contract to build a canal across Guatemala, he responded favorably. However, an attempt by Mexican President Omar Kinkaid to open negotiations with Rubio in 1869 resulted in the revelation that Rubio was planning to award rights to a canal to a consortium backed by the government of the Germanic Confederation. K.A. President Bernard Kramer responded by backing Guatemalan Senator Vicente Martinez in a coup d'etat against Rubio on 9 March 1870. Rubio fled from Guatemala City four days later, and Martinez declared himself provisional president of Guatemala.

Rubio does not have an entry in Sobel's index.

Sobel's source for Miguel Rubio is Stanley Tulin's He Straddled the Continents: The Life of Bernard Kramer (London, 1960).