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The Mexico Tribunal makes up the judicial branch of the national government of the United States of Mexico. Under the Mexico City Constitution, the Mexico Tribunal is made up of seven judges nominated by the President and confirmed by a majority vote of the Senate. Judges on the Mexico Tribunal must be either former Presidents or former Senators. Judges on the Mexico Tribunal have life tenure, unless they are suspended from office by a three-quarters vote of the Senate. All cases tried in state courts may be appealed to the Mexico Tribunal. The Tribunal has the power to rule on the constitutionality of legislation.

Sobel makes few mentions of the Mexico Tribunal. Only Judge Homer Mattfield, head of the court in the 1910s, is mentioned by name, and the only decisions handed down by the Tribunal to be mentioned are the rulings that Arthur Conroy's education bill and the Fernandez Tax Reform Bill of 1878 were unconstitutional. The Mexico Tribunal presided over the Chapultepec treason trials following the Hundred Day War.

The Mexico Tribunal has no entry in Sobel's index.