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Margaret Salmon.

Margaret Salmon was a North American journalist.

In the 1930s Salmon was a political reporter with the New York Herald. During the campaign for the 1938 Grand Council elections, the People's Coalition party leader, Councilman Bruce Hogg, pledged to choose his colleague James Billington for the office of Council President, which had been created two years earlier in response to the succession crisis following the death of Governor-General Henderson Dewey.

Because Billington was a Negro, it was generally assumed that Hogg's choice of him was motivated by the political calculation that Negro voters would be more likely to vote P.C. if they knew that doing so would elevate a member of their race to what was arguably the second highest office in the C.N.A. Salmon responded to Hogg's announcement in the 2 January 1938 issue of the Herald by noting that Billington's collegiality and the respect he enjoyed in the Grand Council meant he "would have been selected no matter what his race, but the fact of his blackness certainly boosted the Hogg candidacy."

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