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Malcolm Brayback.

Malcolm Brayback was a close friend of Mexican President Andrew Jackson. In 1855, thirteen years after Jackson's death, Brayback published an account of their conversations together called Conversations with President Jackson: A Record of My Friendship with the Father of Our Country.

Sobel quotes from Brayback in chapter 10 on the subject of Jackson's racial views: "If one people and race are to rule this land, it must be the Jeffersonians and the whites. This is not so because I happen to be of these peoples, but rather because only the Jeffersonian whites have the abilities, intelligence, and vigor for the task." Sobel further quotes Brayback's record of Jackson's disdain for "Mexican slovenliness," and how the native Mexicans are "apparently unwilling or incapable of firm action." Brayback also records Jackson's belief that the Indians are "unable to adjust to the kind of world we are living in at the present time. They are at the same level of accomplishment as when Columbus first landed here. I do not expect to change them."

Sobel further quotes Brayback's account of Jackson on the subject of Mexico's alliance with France: "We are with the French because they are with us. When our interests change, so will our friendships. I would make a pact with the Devil if it would enable us to double cotton production."