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Martin Cole

Kramer Guard Commandant Martin Cole.

The Kramer Guard is a paramilitary organization controlled by the global supercorporation Kramer Associates. Although Sobel does not say so, it is likely that the Kramer Guard was formed after 1875, when former Senator Carlos Concepción created the Moralistas and began his guerrilla campaign to overthrow the government of the United States of Mexico.

Sobel's first mention of the Kramer Guard is in connection with the overthrow of Benito Hermión in October 1901. On the night of 15-16 October, some 2,000 Kramer Guards entered Mexico City disguised as laborers and took up positions near the Imperial Palace. 49 of the Guards entered the Palace grounds and overcame the police, then opened the gates to the others, including Guard Commandant Martin Cole. Cole cut communications to the outside world, and in the morning forced Hermión to flee Mexico.

Following Hermión's flight, Cole proclaimed himself head of a provisional government that would rule Mexico until elections could be held. Over the next month, the Kramer Guard joined with the Mexican Army and the Constabulary to re-establish civil rule in areas of the country where it had broken down.

Sobel states that during the Global War, K.A.'s private army put the Philippines off-limits to Mexican military forces. The Kramer Guard may have been dissolved after the war, since Sobel observes that by 1950 K.A. "had no army, but needed none, since it controlled almost everything else." This may have been due to an arrangement reached between Kramer President Carl Salazar and the government of Taiwan after the company relocated there.