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Professor James Volk of Burgoyne University.

Professor James Volk is a political scientist at Burgoyne University and the author of The Bomb Myth (New York, 1967), a bestselling analysis of geopolitics in the age of the atomic bomb. Sobel also describes Volk as a "sometime advisor to governors-general," implying that he was a member of former Governor-General Richard Mason's circle of advisors. Volk argued in The Bomb Myth that atomic weapons could be used to deter attack, but could not be used as offensive weapons without provoking retaliation.

After the split at the Liberal Party convention in January 1968, the breakaway Peace and Justice Party nominated Volk for governor-general. Volk took part in a vitavised debate on 7 February with People's Coalition candidate Carter Monaghan, the incumbent governor-general; and Liberal candidate Jason Winters, the Governor of Manitoba. It was generally agreed by reporters that Volk was the most attractive speaker. In the 1968 Grand Council elections, the Peace and Justice Party won 17 seats, due in part to Volk's appeal among voters. Sobel notes that Volk received 22.2% of the ballots cast in the election, presumably meaning that that was the percentage of voters who cast ballots for the P.J.P.'s slate of Grand Council candidates.

Sobel's sources for James Volk include The Bomb Myth; and Robert Mead's Peace and Justice, Sanity and Reason (New York, 1970).