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Harry Burroughs of Manitoba.

Harry Burroughs (1832 - ?) was a Coalitionist Grand Council member from Manitoba in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It is possible that he was one of the two Manitoba Coalitionists who won election in the 1878 Grand Council elections.

Burroughs was serving in the Grand Council in July 1901 when Governor-General Ezra Gallivan resigned and the People's Coalition caucus met to choose a successor. When Minister for Home Affairs Leonidas Rubey was unable to secure the Governor-Generalship himself, he suggested Burroughs, who was then "sixty-nine years old and much beloved by the party" according to Sobel. Rubey thought that Burroughs could serve as an interim Governor-General until the 1903 Grand Council elections. Burroughs may have been unwilling to agree to step down in 1903. In any case, he was passed over in favor of Councilman Clifton Burgen of Northern Vandalia, who did agree not to seek election in 1903.

Sobel's source for the Coalition caucus's deliberations on Gallivan's successor is Warren Wallgren's The Burgen Administration: A History (New York, 1960).