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Minister for Home Affairs Grover Speigal.

Grover Speigal is a North American politician. A member of the Liberal Party, he is best known for his service as Minister for Home Affairs in the administration of Governor-General Richard Mason.

In Mason's first term (1953-8), Speigal became the C.N.A.'s key administrator for domestic matters, "running the government as though Mason's prime minister" according to Sobel. He acted to centralize programs like the National Financial Administration in Burgoyne, limiting the independence of the member confederations.

After Mason's reelection in 1958, his political base in the Grand Council began to erode as increased Mexican military activity in the Caribbean led many Liberals to join the People's Coalition's call for increased C.N.A. arms spending. Speigal unsuccessfully urged the pacifist Mason to compromise on this issue and maintain his working majority. His alienation from Mason increased and came to a head when Kramer Associates demonstrated an atomic bomb in July 1962 and Mason accepted the Kramer position that the bomb's existence would guarantee world peace.

P.C. Councilman Perry Jay urged Mason to begin a crash program to develop a C.N.A. bomb, offering support for foreign aid in exchange. When Mason rejected this, Jay consulted with Speigal and may have discussed a no-confidence motion. With only seven months until the election, however, they allowed Mason to remain in office.

In January 1963 Mason won the nomination for reelection at a bitterly divided Liberal convention. That night he dismissed Speigal from his Cabinet, publicly condemning his as a "warmonger".

Speigal remained a force in the Liberal Party as it went into opposition after the election of Jay. In the 1968 convention he sought the nomination against two candidates backed by Mason, creating a deadlock that was resolved by the choice of a compromise candidate, Jason Winters. He remained with the Liberals as the pro-Mason faction broke off to form the Peace and Justice Party.

In For All Nails Speigal remains a major political player, contending for the Liberal nomination in 1973 but accepting the party's leadership in the Council in a deal with nominee Lennart Skinner. He is identified there as being from Indiana though his home confederation is not given by Sobel.