The United Townships of Ghana is a former French colony in West Africa. It was presumably named after the Ghana Empire, which flourished in West Africa before the 9th century and finally fell around the turn of the 13th century. Sobel mentions that French President Henri Fanchon sent fraternal greetings to the government of the United Townships in 1912, and was answered with a request for economic assistance. It is not known when Ghana was under French rule, or exactly where in West Africa it is; presumably Ghana includes a section of the West African coast, allowing access to French explorers and traders who originally established the colony.

IOW, a West African nation named Ghana was established in 1957 from a union of the British colonies of the Gold Coast and British Togoland.

In For All Nails, it is established that the League of Cities of Ghana (United Townships is a mistranslation of the name) was established in the late 19th century by a French army officer who converted to Islam and made himself Paramount King, naming his newly-established empire after the historical Ghana Empire.

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