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For Want of a Nail ... is a dual history of the Confederation of North America and the United States of Mexico by Robert Sobel, an Australian business historian who has lived and worked in both countries and currently makes his home in Taiwan.

For Want of a Nail ... is 441 pages long, and includes a preface dated 19 February 1972; a contemporary map of the North American continent; a bibliography listing over four hundred works; three appendices listing the Governors-General of the C.N.A., the leaders of the U.S.M., and the Presidents of Kramer Associates; an index; and a critique by Professor Frank Dana of the University of Mexico City dated 17 July 1972.

In his critique, Professor Dana notes that For Want of a Nail ... is the fourth dual history of the C.N.A. and U.S.M. to appear in the last decade, and suggests that Sobel has drawn much of his material from the three earlier works.

Sobel begins his history with the Treaty of Paris of 10 February 1763, while the most recent historical event recounted is the U.S.M.'s lack of an atomic bomb as of 1 November 1971.

The Sobel Wiki includes an errata page for For Want of a Nail ... listing factual errors and contradictions in the book.

Contents of For Want of a Nail ... .
Map ii
Preface xi
1 Prelude 1
2 The Rebellion Begins 12
3 Victory in America 24
4 The Britannic Design C.N.A. 37
5 The Wilderness Walk U.S.M. 44
6 The Trans-Oceanic War BOTH 55
7 The Era of Harmonious Relations C.N.A. 64
8 The Crisis Years C.N.A. 76
9 The United States of Mexico U.S.M. 88
10 The Taking of the West U.S.M. 98
11 California Gold U.S.M. 111
12 The Rocky Mountain War BOTH 125
13 The C.N.A.: The Corruption of Progress C.N.A. 137
14 The People's Coalition C.N.A. 149
15 Recovery and Progress U.S.M. 160
16 The Kinkaid Interlude U.S.M. 170
17 The Bloody Eighties BOTH 182
18 An Age of Renewal C.N.A. 190
19 The Crisis of Mexican Republicanism U.S.M. 203
20 The Mexican Empire U.S.M. 214
21 Ezra Gallivan's Creative Nationalism C.N.A. 223
22 The Great Northern War U.S.M. 235
23 The Starkist Terror C.N.A. 248
24 The Years of the Pygmies BOTH 258
25 The Moral Imperative U.S.M. 272
26 A Time of Diffusion C.N.A. 283
27 The Dewey Era C.N.A. 296
28 The Slave Dilemma U.S.M. 307
29 Manumission and Expansion U.S.M. 317
30 The Fuentes-Jackson Duel U.S.M. 326
31 The Fight for Peace C.N.A. 334
32 The Global War BOTH 345
33 The Ashes of War C.N.A. 355
34 The Guilt Question C.N.A. 364
35 The Mercator Reforms U.S.M. 372
36 The New Day C.N.A. 381
37 The War Without War BOTH 388
38 Scorpions in a Bottle BOTH 396
Critique by Frank Dana 402
Appendix I: Governors-General of the C.N.A. 407
Appendix II: Leaders of the U.S.M. 408
Appendix III: Presidents of the Kramer Associates 409
Selected Bibliography 411
Index 427