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North America in For All Nails.

For All Nails is a continuation and clarification of the Sobel Timeline from For Want of a Nail .... It was created by a group of alternate history enthusiasts in the USENET newsgroup soc.history.what-if. For All Nails consists of a series of vignettes of life in the Sobel Timeline, along with magazine articles, newspaper stories, and vitavision transcripts. Although most of the vignettes were written between 2001 and 2004, new ones continue to be written and posted.

Another For All Nails archive, sadly incomplete, is available from FAN contributor Dan McDonald.

A set of contemporary and historical maps of FAN Europe can be found here.

A chronology of events in the FANTL can be found at FAN chronology.

Noel Maurer explains why he re-drew the Mexican state boundaries in Redrawing Sobel.

Independent Guatemala by Carlos Thompson
Autonomous New Granada by Carlos Thompson
0. Drinking Guide to Burgoyne by Sir Francis Burdett
1. "For All Nails" by Noel Maurer
2. Paris is Burning by Johnny Pez
3. The Ivory Tower by David Mix Barrington
4. The Traitorous Eight by Dan McDonald
5. Out of Uniform by David Mix Barrington
6. Two Angry Citizens Per Distant Unit Per City by David Mix Barrington
6A. A Correction by David Mix Barrington
7. Uneasy Lies the Head by Johnny Pez
8. Oil Markets by Noel Maurer
9. For All Time (Part 1) by Noel Maurer
10. If You Steal My Sunshine by Carlos Yu
11. Chamber of Manufacturers by Noel Maurer
12. Island Life by David Mix Barrington
13. Roadblock by Carlos Yu
14A. The King is Dead by Henrik Kiertzner
14B. A Cold North-easterly Breeze, Freshening by Henrik Kiertzner
15. More Island Life by David Mix Barrington
16. I Got Sunshine in a Bag by Carlos Yu
17. Burlington Home Radio Society by Dan McDonald
18. A New Light by Johnny Pez
19. A Chingazo by David Mix Barrington
20. A Day at the Office by Noel Maurer
21A. Officers and Gentlewomen by M. G. Alderman
21B. ". . . And Met With My Downfall" by M. G. Alderman
22 Mangia! by David Mix Barrington
23. Someone in Nancy by Randy McDonald
24. That's Not Cricket! by Noel Maurer
25. All Politics is Local by David Mix Barrington
26. In Birmingham They Love the Guv'nor by David Mix Barrington
27. Sexo, Drogos, y la Musica del Diablo by Carlos Yu
28. Sour Krauts by Noel Maurer
29. For Want of a Fact by Randy McDonald
30. A Copenhagen Welcome to Visitors! by Henrik Kiertzner
31. Star of Wonder, Star of Light by David Mix Barrington
32. Ca Ira by Henrik Kiertzner
33. A Stiff Northerly Expected by Henrik Kiertzner
34. A Prodigal Son Returns and a Meeting is Arranged by Henrik Kiertzner
35. A Question of Attribution by Henrik Kiertzner
36. The Hero of Paris by Johnny Pez
37. The Candidate by Noel Maurer
38. Scion by Johnny Pez
39A. Body, Mind, and Character by David Mix Barrington
39B. Tropical Paradox by Noel Maurer
39C. Secretarial Privilege by Noel Maurer
40. That All the World Should be Counted by David Mix Barrington
41. If You Lead, I Will Follow by M. G. Alderman
42. Fingernails that Shine Like Justice by Johnny Pez
43. Tails and Dogs by Noel Maurer
44A. Un Québécois Errant by Randy McDonald
44B. A Québécois on the Scheldt by Randy McDonald
44C. On Brittany's Shores by Randy McDonald
44D. Ireland's End by Randy McDonald
45. A Paper Tiger Revealed by Henrik Kiertzner
46. NUBS Presents "Insight" by Dan McDonald
47. A Speech Never Given by David Mix Barrington
48.A Near-Run Thing by David Mix Barrington
49. Fallout by Johnny Pez
50. Be Sure to Wear Some Flowers in Your Hair by David Mix Barrington
51A. Victoria's Secret (Part I) by Jonathan Edelstein
51B. Victoria's Secret (Part 2) by Jonathan Edelstein
51C. Victoria's Secret (Part 3) by Jonathan Edelstein
51D. Victoria's Secret (Part 4) by Jonathan Edelstein
51E. Victoria's Secret (Part 5) by Jonathan Edelstein
51F. Victoria's Secret (Part 6) by Jonathan Edelstein
51G. Victoria's Secret (Part 7) by Jonathan Edelstein
51H. Victoria's Secret (Part 8) by Jonathan Edelstein
51I. Victoria's Secret (Part 9) by Jonathan Edelstein
51J. Victoria's Secret (Part 10) by Jonathan Edelstein
51K. Victoria's Secret (Part 11) by Jonathan Edelstein
51L. Victoria's Secret (Part 12) by Jonathan Edelstein
51M. Victoria's Secret (Part 13) by Jonathan Edelstein
51N. Victoria's Secret (Part 14) by Jonathan Edelstein
52. Rocket Science by David Mix Barrington
53A. Corbies by M. G. Alderman
53B. The Apes of Hell by M. G. Alderman
53C. Bachelors' Hall by M. G. Alderman
54. Some Rival by M. G. Alderman
55. Triestine Livers by Randy McDonald
56A. I, Mercator (Part 1) by Carlos Yu
56B. I, Mercator (Part 2) by Carlos Yu
56C. I, Mercator (Part 3) by Carlos Yu
57A. The Next Stage by Johnny Pez
57B. A Serb Bullet by Johnny Pez
57C. Accident by Johnny Pez
58. The Sweet Six by David Mix Barrington
59. Not-So-White Trash Nation by Noel Maurer
60. The Spaced Service by Noel Maurer
61. Picking Up Slack by Johnny Pez
62. Sunday Morning Coffee by David Mix Barrington and M. G. Alderman
63. How Many Germans Does It Take . . . by Johnny Pez
64. A Meeting of the Minds by Noel Maurer
65. Southern Cross by Henrik Kiertzner
66A. In the Muck by Johnny Pez
66B. Diplomacy by Johnny Pez
67. Even Paranoids Have Enemies by Noel Maurer
68. She's Got Legs by Noel Maurer
69. Waiting for the Chancellor by Johnny Pez
70. "Call Me Judge Lancito" by David Mix Barrington
71. Southern Exposure by Noel Maurer
72. Closing Time by Dan McDonald
73. Academic Discourse by David Mix Barrington and Johnny Pez
74. Conspiracy Theory by Johnny Pez
75. A Helping Hand by Henrik Kiertzner
76. You Say "GrenAYda", I Say "GranAHda" by David Mix Barrington
77. Leebild Electronics, PLC by Dan McDonald
78. Water on the Brain by Johnny Pez
79. Henry the Bad by Johnny Pez
80. Ferdinand the Bull by David Mix Barrington
81A. Youth of the Coronation by Johnny Pez
81B. A Visitor From Outer Space by M. G. Alderman and Johnny Pez
81C. Ball and Chain by Johnny Pez
81D. Conversation With a Servant by Johnny Pez
81E. Mistaken Identity by Johnny Pez
81F. A Honey Trap? by David Mix Barrington and M. G. Alderman
82. Scenes From a Wedding by David Mix Barrington and Dan McDonald
83A. Live From Nairobi by Dan McDonald
83B. The Briar Patch by David Mix Barrington
83C. Politics as Usual by David Mix Barrington
84A. Surprise! by Johnny Pez
84B. A State of Shock by Johnny Pez
84C. Succession by Johnny Pez
85. Mobile Locos by Noel Maurer
86. The World Joan Made by Johnny Pez
87. Springtime for Ferdi and Elbittar by David Mix Barrington
88. City of Angels by Randy McDonald
89. The Yanks are Revolting by David Mix Barrington
90. The Wrath of Kahn by Johnny Pez
91A. The Reproaches by M. G. Alderman
91B. Refreshed With the Blood of Patriots by M. G. Alderman
91C. Hidden Menaces by M. G. Alderman and Johnny Pez
91D. Sábado Gigante by M. G. Alderman
92. A Royal Audience by David Mix Barrington
93. The Dream and the Nightmare by Johnny Pez
94. My Father Was a Gambler Down in Georgia by David Mix Barrington
95. Get Shorty by Johnny Pez
96. Dominique by Joe Horan
97. A Little Less Conversation by Johnny Pez
98. Ambiguity Reigns Supreme by Henrik Kiertzner
99. Another Royal Audience by Johnny Pez
100. How I Spent My Summer Vacation by David Mix Barrington
101. The African Queen by Jonathan Edelstein
102. You Can't Always Get What You Want by Johnny Pez
103. Matchmaker, Matchmaker by Johnny Pez and David Mix Barrington
104A. Martha Stewart Living by Johnny Pez
104B. There's Something About Larry by Johnny Pez
104C. Legend of a Will by Johnny Pez
104D. The Gun Room by Johnny Pez
105. Do You Know the Way to Millinocket? by David Mix Barrington
106. Southern Man Don't Need Him Around Anyhow by David Mix Barrington
107. Trent's Fighting Airmobiles by Dan McDonald
108. Wheelchair General by Johnny Pez
109. Strap Your Hands 'Cross My Engines by David Mix Barrington
110A. Between the Rivers by David Mix Barrington
110B. Yes, Minister by David Mix Barrington
111A. The Osterman Weekday by Noel Maurer
111B. You Can't Go Home Again by Noel Maurer
111C. Call the Police There's a Madman Around by Noel Maurer
111D. Kill All the Lawyers by Noel Maurer
112. And I'll Cry If I Want To by Johnny Pez
113A. The Assignment by Mike Keating
113B. The Black Rock Plot by Mike Keating
114. Party On by Johnny Pez
115. Come and See the Show, It's a Dynamo by Bernard Guerrero
116. The Garden of Forking Paths by Johnny Pez
117. Hanging on the Telephone by David Mix Barrington
118. Black September by Noel Maurer
119. The Defector by Johnny Pez
120. Careful What You Wish For by Mike Keating
121. October Surprise by Noel Maurer
122. The Unforgettable Fire by Johnny Pez
123. Waste Management by David Mix Barrington
124. The Two-Headed Snake by Dan McDonald
125. I, Mercator (Part 4) by Carlos Yu
126. Cold As Ice by Mike Keating
127. "Local Hero Comes Home" by Dan McDonald
128. En Vivo de Martinica by David Mix Barrington
129. The Language of Love by Johnny Pez
130. There She Is by Sir Francis Burdett
131. November Election by Noel Maurer
132. Confido in Fabulositate by Johnny Pez and David Mix Barrington and M. G. Alderman
133. The Mancunian Candidate by Johnny Pez
134. Rocky Mountain Way by Johnny Pez
135. Undercover of the Night by Mike Keating
136. If Dirt Were Dolares by Mike Keating
137. Hey Mister, That's Me Up On the Jukebox by David Mix Barrington
138A. Broken Regiment by President Chester A. Arthur
138B. The Darkest Colors by President Chester A. Arthur
138C. The Second Attack by President Chester A. Arthur
138D. Images of the Rainbow by President Chester A. Arthur
138E. Ultraviolet by President Chester A. Arthur
138F. Caging the Beast by President Chester A. Arthur
138G. A Proposition by President Chester A. Arthur
138H. Anti-Climax by President Chester A. Arthur
139. It's a Nice Day to Start Again by Johnny Pez
140. Really Boring Stuff by Noel Maurer
141. More Really Boring Stuff by Noel Maurer
142. Yet More Really Boring Stuff by Noel Maurer
143. Puputan by Carlos Yu
144. Where Are They Right Now?
145. Bad News in Bogotá by Johnny Pez and Noel Maurer
146. Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) by Johnny Pez
147. Sunday Morning Tea by Dan McDonald
148. Happy New Year! by Henrik Kiertzner
149. Uncle Torsten's Coon Dog by David Mix Barrington
150. The British Are Coming by Johnny Pez
151. January Chill by Noel Maurer
152. The Hotline by Noel Maurer and David Mix Barrington
153. Notes from the Investigation (Part 1) by Noel Maurer and Dan McDonald
154. Necessity is the Mother Of . . . by Bernard Guerrero
155. Welcome to the Jungle by Walter R. Strapps
156. Rocket Queen by Walter R. Strapps
157. Out ta Get Me by Walter R. Strapps
158. Nightrain by Walter R. Strapps
159. Weakness is Strength by Bernard Guerrero
160. Hope You Guessed My Name by Mike Keating
161. The Lesson by Jonathan Edelstein
162. Ashes and Action by Mike Keating
163. Sweet Sorrow by Jonathan Edelstein
164. Under Heartbeat City's Golden Sun by Johnny Pez
165. And the Walls Came Down by Mike Keating
166. I Heard the News Today by Mike Keating
167. A Message From Big Brother by Henrik Kiertzner
168. Pound Diplomacy by Henrik Kiertzner
169. Movement of Jah People by David Mix Barrington
170. For All Time (Part 2) by Noel Maurer
171. Rocky Mountain Low by Johnny Pez
172. State of Emergency by Jonathan Edelstein
173. The Rocky Mountain Horror Show by Johnny Pez
174. When the Going Gets Weird by David Mix Barrington
175. Page 93 by Jonathan Edelstein
176. Santa Anna's Coming to Town by Johnny Pez
177. North to Alaska by Mike Keating
178. On The Border by Mike Keating
179. One if by Land and Two if by Sea by Johnny Pez
180. Interruption by Henrik Kiertzner and Johnny Pez
181. Angry Johnnie by Johnny Pez
182. Arma Superior by Noel Maurer
183. Wheeler Wars by Noel Maurer
184. How You Like Them Oranges? by Noel Maurer
185. Ramadan by Jonathan Edelstein
186. A Boy's Life by David Mix Barrington
187. The Children's Crusade by M. G. Alderman
188. The Second Republic by Johnny Pez
189. (Can't Get No) Satisfaction by Johnny Pez
190. Going to California by Mike Keating
191. Mail Call by David Mix Barrington and Noel Maurer and Johnny Pez
192. God's Smugglers by Vegard Valberg
193. Apocalypse Soon by Johnny Pez
194. La Reforma Politica by Noel Maurer
195. Historiae Virorum Illustrorum Novangliae by David Mix Barrington
196. Never Give Up, Never Surrender! by Mike Keating
197. What Dreams May Come by Johnny Pez
198. URGENT BUSINESS PROPOSAL by Sir Francis Burdett
199. What's on the Vita Then? by Sir Francis Burdett
200. The Lads From Luanda by Johnny Pez
201. Notes from the Investigation (Part 2) by David Mix Barrington
202. Bullet the Blue Sky by Mike Keating
203. All the World's a Stage by David Mix Barrington
204. Rogue Asset by Johnny Pez
205. Death in the Afternoon, Popcorn Extra by M. G. Alderman
206. Mi Lucha by Carlos Yu
FAN Extra - The Last Continent by Johnny Pez
207. The Dingoes of War by Johnny Pez
208. The Merchant of Guadalajara by Johnny Pez
209. The World is a Vampire by Johnny Pez
210. Travelin' Band by Mike Keating
211. Fantascience Friction by David Mix Barrington
212. A Monarchy, If You Can Keep It by Noel Maurer
213. Shouted Down by Noel Maurer
214. Notwani Road by Jonathan Edelstein
215. Sins of the Father by Carlos Yu
216. My Home Town by Johnny Pez
217. When Love Comes to Town by Johnny Pez
218. Southern Men by Mike Keating
219. Operation Excalibur by Johnny Pez
220. Love, North American Style by Sir Francis Burdett
221. Such Sweet Sorrow by Johnny Pez
222. Robots and Empire by Johnny Pez
223. You Say Goodbye and I Say Hello by Johnny Pez
224. Houseguests by Johnny Pez
225. The Puppet Masters by Johnny Pez
226. Rise Up, Gather Round by Mike Keating
227. Freedom by Johnny Pez
228. Now We All Did What We Could Do by Noel Maurer and David Mix Barrington
229. The Tailor of Panama by Noel Maurer and Johnny Pez
230. The Last Straw by Johnny Pez
231. An Opposing Viewpoint by Johnny Pez
232. Strange Bedfellows by Johnny Pez
233. Shootout at Black Rock by David Mix Barrington
234. A Hero Ain't Nothin' but a Montagu by Johnny Pez
235. Captain Confederation by Carlos Yu
236. Fox in the Henhouse by Johnny Pez
237. Truckers by Carlos Yu
238. These Are the Journeys by Johnny Pez
239. They Tell Me He Was Lonely by David Mix Barrington
240. Closing Walls and Ticking Clocks by Johnny Pez
241. Games Without Frontiers by Mike Keating
242. Brothers by Carlos Yu
243A. Napoleon's Nail (Part 1) by Raymond A. Speer
243B. Napoleon's Nail (Part 2) by Raymond A. Speer
243C. Napoleon's Nail (Part 3) by Raymond A. Speer
243D. Napoleon's Nail (Part 4) by Raymond A. Speer
243E. Napoleon's Nail (Part 5) by Raymond A. Speer
243F. Napoleon's Nail (Part 6) by Raymond A. Speer
243G. Napoleon's Nail (Part 7) by Raymond A. Speer
243H. Napoleon's Nail (Part 8) by Raymond A. Speer
244. Look for the Union Label by Johnny Pez
245. Laylat al-Ragha'ib by Jonathan Edelstein
246. So I Wouldn't Get Weighed by David Mix Barrington
247. Seven Nation Army by Johnny Pez
248. Teach Your Children Well by Johnny Pez
249. Trouble Brewing by Johnny Pez
250. Guy Walks Into a Bar by David Mix Barrington
251. The Armenian Quarter by Jonathan Edelstein
252. The Waitress is Practicing Politics by David Mix Barrington
253. Paper Trail by David Mix Barrington and Johnny Pez
254. A Farewell to Kings by Mike Keating
255. Grits, Interrupted by Johnny Pez and Noel Maurer
256. It's the Real Thing by Mike Keating
257. Crash of Civilizations by David Mix Barrington
258. We're a Happy Family by David Mix Barrington
259. You Don't Know Jackson by Johnny Pez
260. Be My Guest by Johnny Pez
260A. East or West? Minsk at the Crossroads by Randy McDonald
261. Thunderstruck by Mike Keating
262. The Law of Nations by Johnny Pez
263. Lost in Space by David Mix Barrington
264. Rising Moon and Falling Star by Phoebe Barton
265. Turncoats and Telephones by Mike Keating
266. No Oil for Blood by Noel Maurer
267A. Easter Rising - Prelude by Noel Maurer and Dan McDonald and Henrik Kiertzner
267B. Easter Rising - Crack the Sky, Shake the Earth by Noel Maurer
267C. Easter Rising - The Alliance Strikes Back by Noel Maurer and Henrik Kiertzner
267D. Easter Rising - Aftermath by Noel Maurer and Henrik Kiertzner
268. The Horror, Whatever by Noel Maurer
269. Cole by President Chester A. Arthur
270. O Joy O Rapture Unforeseen by Henrik Kiertzner and Noel Maurer and David Mix Barrington
271. And You Could Have It All by Johnny Pez
272. The North Lakehead By-Election by Phoebe Barton
273. Graduation Day by David Mix Barrington
274. A Call to Barms by Noel Maurer
275. Mansion (Part 1) by President Chester A. Arthur
275A. Mansion (Part 2) by President Chester A. Arthur
276. The Power of Pointlists by David Mix Barrington
277A. Military History by Noel Maurer
277B. Waging Peace by Noel Maurer
277C. Handover by Noel Maurer
278. Kaffeeklatsch by David Mix Barrington
279. Flyers and Fulcrums by Phoebe Barton
280. Sallah Bread by Noel Maurer
281. Mawlid al-Nabi by Jonathan Edelstein
282. My Empire of Dirt by Johnny Pez
283. Ségou is Worth a Mosque by Jonathan Edelstein
284. And This Bird You'll Never Tame by David Mix Barrington
285. Death of a Governor-General by Johnny Pez and David Mix Barrington
286. You Say You Want a Revolution by Mike Keating
287. Palace Full of Fantasy by Mike Keating
288. A Statement of Principles by Phoebe Barton
289. Attending Union College by Noel Maurer
290. Joining Up is Hard to Do by Jonathan Edelstein
291. The Packer by Jonathan Edelstein
292. I Will Let You Down by Johnny Pez
293. I Will Make You Hurt by Johnny Pez
294. Crazy by Johnny Pez
295. The Third Republic by Johnny Pez
296. Red Sea Morning by Jonathan Edelstein
297. Jerusalem Folly by Noel Maurer
298. Love Story by Jonathan Edelstein
299. Patience by Johnny Pez
300. Descendants by Johnny Pez
301. An Independent Quebec Within a United CNA by Phoebe Barton
302. Legal Challenge by Johnny Pez
303. Buque Nights by Johnny Pez
304. Look Both Ways Before Crossing by Johnny Pez
305. The King's Justice by Johnny Pez
306. Domestic Scene by Jonathan Edelstein
307. In the Country of the Bland by Johnny Pez
308. Lady Albany by Johnny Pez
309. Remembrance Day by Johnny Pez and David Mix Barrington
310. Unknown History by Johnny Pez
311. The Burning City by Johnny Pez
312. Machine Politics by David Mix Barrington and Johnny Pez
313. Uncommon Women by David Mix Barrington
314. The Magnificent Anachronism by Johnny Pez
315. If This Be Treason by Johnny Pez
316. A Shogun Falls by Christina Taylor
317. The Specials by Johnny Pez
318. Who You Gonna Call? by Johnny Pez
319. Strategic Alliance by Johnny Pez
320. Buddha on Ice by Johnny Pez
321A. The Revolution Will Not Be Vitavised by Johnny Pez
321B. Putting Out Fire With Vulcazine by Johnny Pez
322. Operation Guinevere by Johnny Pez
323. Family Feud by Johnny Pez
324. Ghosts Appear and Fade Away by Johnny Pez
325. Live From Melbourne by Johnny Pez
326. Don't Stand So Close to Me by Johnny Pez
327. The Galloway Speech by Johnny Pez