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Floride Quesnay of France.

Floride Quesnay was a French travel writer in the 19th century.

Madame Quesnay's visit to the Confederation of North America during the Rocky Mountain War resulted in a book called Travels Through the C.N.A. that was published in London in 1854. During a visit to the Manitoban capital of North City in 1850, her hosts considered it a compliment when she referred to Manitoba as a "dull paradise."

Their reaction is understandable considering that the Hudson's Bay Company had only recently lost its near-monopoly of land ownership in Manitoba, and that the confederation was rapidly filling with immigrants from the rest of the C.N.A. who opposed the war with Mexico and were avoiding the recently-instituted military draft.

Sobel quotes Madame Quesnay's description of Manitoba in a footnote in Chapter 7, though he does not list Travels Through the C.N.A. in his bibliography. Madame Quesnay does not have an entry in Soble's index.