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Felicio Montoya

Secretary of State Felicio Montoya.

Felicio Montoya was Secretary of State under Mexican Chief of State Benito Hermión during the Great Northern War of 1898 - 1901.

Montoya met with Japanese ambassador Ono Yamashita on 5 January 1899 to discuss peace terms with the Russian Empire. However, Hermión was eager to continue the war, and he directed Montoya to reply to Yamashira that the Mexican government would only discuss peace if the Russians admitted that they had violated California territory, agreed to cede Alaska to Mexico, and agreed to pay an indemnity of $2.5 million. The Russian government refused these terms, and the war continued.

Sobel's source for Felicio Montoya's negotiations with Ambassador Yamashira is Andrew Stirling's The Secret History of the Great Northern War (London, 1923).