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Emperor Benito I.

Emperor of Mexico was a title claimed by Benito Hermión on 2 April 1901, when he announced that the United States of Mexico had been superceded by the Mexican Empire.

Hermión ruled as Emperor of Mexico from 2 April to 16 October 1901, when he was removed from power by Diego Cortez y Catalán, the President of Kramer Associates. Following his ouster, Hermión fled to the Mexican port of Tampico, Durango and on the morning of 28 October bribed the captain of an Argentinian oil tanker to take him as a passenger to Spain.

Hermión settled in an armed villa outside of Barcelona, where he was joined by his family. Hermión apparently continued to claim the title of emperor during his Spanish exile until his death on 16 August 1911, and his son Frederick Hermión continued to hope for several years for his restoration before taking out Spanish citizenship in 1910 and finding work as a banker.

Frederick's son "Prince" Joseph Hermión married the exiled Russian "Princess" Alexandra Romanov in 1924. As of 1971 the Hermión family still resides in Barcelona amid a rather bizarre "court".