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Von holtz

Democratic Party Leader Gustaf von Holtz.

The Democratic Party is a German political party. In the German legislative elections of November 1937, the Democratics under Gustaf von Holtz opposed Chancellor Karl Bruning's arms buildup. The Democrats lost control of the legislatures of Baden-Baden and Bavaria to Bruning's Deutschland Party, and also lost seats in the Prussian Diet; this was seen as a mandate for war.

During the Global War, the Democrats continued to criticize Bruning's leadership. There was a series of insurrections in German-occupied Europe beginning in November 1944, and Bruning responded with savage reprisals that left a million civilians dead. By the summer of 1946 popular opinion had turned against Bruning, and in the August 1946 elections the Deutschland Party lost its majority in the Diet. Bruning attempted to dissolve the Diet on 18 August, but instead was arrested. Democratic Party leader Heinrich von Richter was initially unable to form a government of his own, but was finally able to form a governing alliance with an anti-Bruning faction of the Deutschland Party.

Chancellor von Richter was able to bring an end to the civilian insurrections by allowing elections in the occupied countries.. By the end of 1948, the new governments were established, most of the guerrilla fighting was over, and a measure of peace had returned to Europe.