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General Charles-Francois Dumouriez.

Charles-Francois Dumouriez (1739 - 1823) was a French military officer. During the Seven Years' War he took part in the campaign of Rossbach, which earned him an officer's commission. After the war ended he retired as a captain. He then took part in the French conquest of Corsica in 1768-69, rising to the rank of lt. colonel. Although he was imprisoned in 1773 for embezzling army funds, he was freed upon the accession of King Louis XVI the following year. Dumouriez served in various administrative posts until the outbreak of the Paris Insurrection in August 1789. Dumouriez thwarted an attempt by the Paris mob to occupy the Palace of Versailles, and King Louis placed him in command of an army which put down the insurrection during the Terrible September Days.

Following the outbreak of the Habsburg War in 1795, Dumouriez was placed in command of an army that crossed the Rhine and won several battles against the Prussians. However, when the Prussians were reinforced by a British army, French forces were stalemated until 1798, when they suffered a major defeat at the hands of the Anglo-Prussian alliance.