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The Chamber of Representatives was the lower house of the legislature in the State of Jefferson under the Constitution of 1793.  Under the terms of the Constitution, the Chamber was composed of forty-two representatives, one from each of forty-two districts. The Chamber was elected by all free male voters owning more than £5 in property (approximately $120). Candidates could qualify for election to the Chamber by presenting petitions containing the signatures or marks of one percent of the qualified voters.

Members of the Chamber served for two year terms, and chose the fifteen members of the Jeffersonian Senate once every five years. All legislation was initiated by the Chamber.

The first elections for the Chamber were held on 4 December 1793. The Chamber met in Jefferson City on 19 January 1794 to select the Senate and establish the government.

Governor Alexander Hamilton addressed the Chamber on 16 May 1816 to explain the decision by himself and his fellow governors James Monroe and John Gaillard to declare war on Mexico.

The last session of the Chamber was held on 15 June 1819, when it accepted Andrew Jackson's proposal for a new constitutional convention. The Chamber voted to dissolve itself and reconvene as a constitutional convention in Mexico City on 22 September 1819.

Jackson was the only person specifically mentioned by Sobel as having served in the Chamber of Representatives.