This is a For All Nails narrative concerning the development of space flight in the Confederation of North America. Since Sobel made no mention at all of space flight in his history, the assumption is that all advances in astronautics in the Sobel Timeline occurred in secret prior to the publication of For Want of a Nail . . . . Since then, in the FANTL, the C.N.A. has created a manned (or, to be completely accurate, womanned) space program, which was later cancelled for budgetary reasons.

Most of the space flight vignettes were written by David Mix Barrington, and feature Carlos Sparling, Colonel Henry Anson, space pilots Christine Lillehammer and the Honorable Evangeline Gilmore, Science Minister Will Knight, and/or Deputy Science Minister Joshua Abramowitz. Sparling is from Sobel, Dave MB created Colonel Anson, Miss Lillehammer, Minister Knight and Deputy Minister Abramowitz, and Matt Alderman created Miss Gilmore.

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