The Cabinet of the Confederation of North America is an executive council that serves at the pleasure of the Governor-General. Normally, each member of the Cabinet is the head of a government ministry. Particular Governors-General may have included ministers without portfolio in their Cabinets, although Sobel never mentions any. Sobel states that in 1845, Governor-General Winfield Scott's Cabinet was made up of eleven men, though only Minister of War Henry Gilpin and Minister of State Bruce Harrison are mentioned by name and title. Other Cabinet ministers mentioned in For Want of a Nail ... include Minister of the Exchequer Whitney Hawkins, Minister of Resources Bruce King, Minister for Home Affairs Leonidas Rubey, and Minister of Agriculture Henry Evans. The Minister of State later became the Minister for Foreign Affairs, and the Minister of the Exchequer later became the Minister of Finance. The Council President also sat in on Cabinet meetings after that office was created in 1936.

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