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Burgoyne University is a major institution of higher learning located in Burgoyne, the capital city of the Confederation of North America. In Chapter 13 of For Want of a Nail ... , Sobel lists Burgoyne University as one of the most famous in the world in the mid-19th century. Professor Benjamin Stilton of Burgoyne was the discoverer of petroleum in western Pennsylvania in 1855.

Professor Henry Newton published The North American Mission in 1882, and in the 1890s was the C.N.A.'s most famous advocate of the Moral Imperative. Former Governor-General Ezra Gallivan was Chancellor of Burgoyne from 1910 until his death in 1914.

In the 1930s, Professor Lawrence French argued that if war came, "the world's economies would be totally destroyed, as would republicanism wherever it may be found."

Professor James Volk, author of The Bomb Myth, is a political scientist at Burgoyne, and Professor Maude Johnson is a historian at Burgoyne who read the C.N.A. portions of For Want of a Nail ... before its publication.