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The Burgoyne Times was a major newspaper in the Confederation of North America, based in the capital city of Burgoyne. At some point in the 1960s the paper merged with the Burgoyne Herald and by January 1971 was being published under the name Burgoyne Herald and Times.

The Burgoyne Times was being published as early as the mid-nineteenth century; Sobel quotes from speeches by Governor-General Henry Gilpin that appeared in the 20 May 1849 and 3 December 1852 issues of the Times. Sobel also quotes John McDowell's speech of 8 January 1883 from the next day's issue of the Times. A reporter from the Times wrote that the election of Christopher Hemingway in 1903 should be interpreted not as a victory for Hemingway, but as a way for the people to expunge "their guilt by voting [retired Governor-General Ezra] Gallivan his fourth term."

Sobel quotes Governor-General Douglas Watson in the 19 June 1932 issue of the Times questioning the policy of isolationism, and an editorial from the 15 October 1932 issue criticized Watson for invoking the name of his late predecessor Henderson Dewey too frequently in pressing his legislative agenda. Sobel quotes Councilman Bruce Hogg's acceptance speech at the 1938 People's Coalition convention from the 18 January issue of the Times, and also quotes Hogg's inaugural speech as Governor-General from the 21 February issue, and his declaration of neutrality in the Global War from the 4 October 1939 issue.

Sobel's description of Governor-General Richard Mason giving a speech in a chorale setting is from the 27 April 1956 issue of the Times, and quotes Mason's speech opposing increased military spending from the 5 February 1959 issue. An editorial from the 27 February 1963 issue of the Times praised recently-elected Governor-General Perry Jay's sober contrast to Mason's showmanship.