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Burgoyne around the turn of the 19th century by George Beck.

Burgoyne is the capital of the Confederation of North America, located where the Allegheny and Monongahela Rivers join to form the Ohio River in western Pennsylvania. Founded in 1759 as Fort Pitt, in 1785 the new city was renamed after John Burgoyne, the first Viceroy of the C.N.A.

Along with its political importance as the seat of the Viceroy and the location of meetings among the representatives of the various confederations, Burgoyne took on an important role as a port in the early 1800's. Burgoyne University became one of the leading educational institutions in the C.N.A., and Professor Benjamin Stilton of Burgoyne discovered the first oil deposits in the area in 1855.

The capital region became an important center of industry, particularly steel production, by 1870. Thomas Edison's National Electric company electrified the city in 1880.

As might be expected of a national capital, several newspapers have been published in Burgoyne since the nineteenth century, most notably the Burgoyne Herald and the Burgoyne Times, which merged by 1971 to form the Burgoyne Herald and Times. Other notable Burgoyne newspapers were the Burgoyne Constitution, the Burgoyne Examiner, the Burgoyne Inquirer, the Burgoyne Record, the Burgoyne Register, and the Burgoyne Tribune.