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Siberian Premier Boris Tschakev.

Boris Tschakev was the Premier of the Republic of Siberia in the early 1900s.

Tschakev was serving as a captain in the Russian Army in Alaska, and was the officer in charge of the Mexican border in early 1898. When an investigative team was sent from Mexico City in March 1898 to look into reported border violations by Russian forces, the team described Tschakev as being "most uncooperative throughout." Tschakev was presumably captured by the Mexicans during their conquest of Alaska in the summer of 1898. Although Sobel does not say so, it seems likely that Admiral Ephraim Small allowed Russian prisoners of war to join the Free Russian Brigade, a unit of freed political prisoners which was formed in the summer of 1899, and that Captain Tschakev did so.

Tschakev had replaced George Tsukansky as Premier of Siberia when Benito Hermión was ousted as Emperor of Mexico in October 1901. Hermión's successor, Provisional President Martin Cole, informed Admiral Small that Mexican forces would end their advance into Asia, and that Tschakev's government would be permitted to establish its rule over Mexican-occupied lands. The last Mexican marines evacuated Siberia in 1903, leaving Tschakev in nominal control, while Kramer Associates dominated the Siberian economy.