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Belgium, formerly the Austrian Netherlands.

Belgium is a European nation bordered on the south and southwest by France, on the northwest by the English Channel, on the north by the Netherlands, and on the east by Germany. Its capital is Brussels. Belgium was originally part of the Netherlands, but remained under Spanish rule after the Dutch Republic was established in 1581, when it became known as the Spanish Netherlands. The Spanish Netherlands became part of the Austrian domains in 1714, and were known as the Austrian Netherlands.

An uprising occurred in the Austrian Netherlands at the same time as the Paris Insurrection of 1789, and an idependent state called Belgium was briefly established before being reconquered by the Austrians the following year. Belgium either regained its independence during the Trans-Oceanic War, or at some later point in the 19th century. In 1891, Kramer Associates began expanding beyond the United States of Mexico by financing the Burger Steel Company in Belgium.

Belgium was conquered by Germany during the Global War, but late in 1944 there was an anti-German uprising in Brussels. Chancellor Heinrich von Richter was able to bring a measure of peace to Belgium in 1947 by permitting elections there, with the proviso that Belgium "must remain allied to the German Empire, and permit German troops to defend them against British aggression." Belgium remains allied to Germany to this day.

Belgium does not have an entry in Sobel's index.

In For All Nails, the country is known as Austrasia rather than Belgium. After the Global War, most of Austrasia's Francophone areas were incorporated into the Kingdom of Lorraine, part of the German Empire.

IOW, the Austrian Netherlands were annexed by France in 1795, then united with the Netherlands in 1815, before gaining independence as Belgium in 1830.