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Okhotsk Sea

Russian cruiser in the Far East Fleet.

The Battle of the Okhotsk Sea of 23 July 1899 was the major naval battle of the Great Northern War between the United States of Mexico and the Russian Empire.

The battle occurred during the second phase of the war, when the Mexican Pacific Fleet was making a series of landings in Siberia. The first two landings, at Petropavlovsk and Okhotsk, were unopposed, but as the Mexicans approached Nikolaevsk-on-Amur in July, the Russian Far East Fleet sailed out to contest the landings.

The two fleets met in battle on the morning of 23 July 1899. The result was a complete Mexican victory. The Russians lost sixteen ships, including two battleships, and suffered the loss of 20,000 officers and crew. The Mexican Pacific Fleet, led by Admiral Ephraim Small, did not lose any ships, and the only casualties it suffered were nine dead and fourteen wounded when a boiler exploded on the battleship Andrew Jackson.

Three days after the battle, the Mexicans successfully landed at Nikolaevsk and began moving north to link up with the beachhead established earlier at Okhotsk.

Sobel's source for the Battle of the Okhotsk Sea is Felix Noland's A Military History of the Great Northern War (London, 1925).