Arab Army

Arab troops at the Battle of el Khibir.

The Battle of el Khibir was a major battle of the Arab Revolt of 1939. The battle was fought on 10 September 1939 between the Arab revolutionary army of Abdul el Sallah and the Ottoman army. El Sallah had risen against the Ottoman government five weeks before in Damascus, and quickly gained the support of the empire's large Arab minority.

At el Khibir, the Turks won a complete victory over the Arabs, causing them to flee to the coastal areas and mountains. As a result of his defeat at el Khibir, Abdul el Sallah called upon the Germanic Confederation for help against the Turks. This resulted in both the Germans and the British intervening in the Arab Revolt, and led to the outbreak of the Global War when military forces from both nations clashed near Damascus on 30 September 1939.

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