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Tampico Road

The Battle of Tampico Road, July 1846.

The Battle of Tampico Road was an engagement of the Rocky Mountain War between the Confederation of North America and the United States of Mexico.

The Battle of Tampico Road was the decisive battle between the forces of General Herbert Williamhouse of the North American Army and Major Michael Doheny of the Mexican District Guard. Williamhouse had landed at Tampico on 8 July 1846, and after securing the city, had begun an advance on Mexico City.

President Pedro Hermión sent the District Guard under Doheny's command to the Tampico Road to delay Williamhouse until reinforcements could arrive. Without waiting for reinforcements, Doheny was able to halt the North American advance, and even counterattack in his turn, forcing Williamhouse to retreat.

Doheny was able to drive the North Americans back to Tampico, then place the city under siege. Despite the arrival of continual North American reinforcements, Doheny was able to maintain the siege of Tampico until 5 March 1848, when Williamhouse evacuated the city.

Sobel's source for the Battle of Tampico Road is Edgar Almond's Michael Doheny: The War Years (Mexico City, 1969).