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Andrew Jackson

President Andrew Jackson.

Anglos are one of the five racial groups recognized by Andrew Jackson when he established the United States of Mexico in 1821. Anglos are English-speaking whites, initially from the state of Jefferson, although they soon became the majority race in the states of Arizona and California. Anglos dominated the U.S.M. throughout the 19th century, and seven of the first eight Mexican Presidents were Anglos (including the Hispanicized Anglo Miguel Huddleston). However, since 1901, only one Mexican President has been Anglo, and that was the unelected acting President Martin Cole.

In "The Rainbow Nation," Theodore Holmes in 1917 noted that by the mid-nineteenth century intermarriage between Anglos and Hispanos was not at all uncommon, and that as religion became less of a factor in Mexican life, this mingling came to be expected, especially among upper-class Mexicans. Holmes further observed that the U.S.M. was dominated by a relatively small group of Anglos, but that the line between them and the Hispanos was vague and practically meaningless. He predicted that within three or four generations, the Anglos, Hispanos, and Mexicanos would unite to form one people, with education and wealth more important than race in determining status.

In his final chapter, Sobel states that the Anglos, though a small minority, are still the most powerful group in the U.S.M., dominating Mexican business and providing "the power needed by the government to do its work."