4. From the New Granadan point of view, the Global War was indeed a glorious victory. New Granadan ground forces succeeded in conquering British Guyana and partioned Dutch Guiana between themselves and the German Empire. (The former French Guiana had been the Brazilian province of Santos for decades by the 1940s.) New Granada's relatively small but highly efficient naval and marine forces (with some German and Mexican help) also succeeded in taking and holding the Netherlands Antilles (inc. Aruba), although a joint German-Mexican-New Granadan assault on Trinidad was repulsed with the help of the North American "volunteers" operating naval vessels and airmobiles on "detached duty." (For those of you who are wondering, San Martín -- including Saba and St. Eustasius -- has been a Mexican territory since 1914.)

The USM military is large and very competent and well-equipped. The FANG is qualitatively better. Unlike the USM army and navy, the FANG is all-professional and experienced at operating as deniable USM assets -- therefore very good at conflicts other than war, low-intensity operations, covert stuff generally -- as well as being used as operational testbeds for USM kit before introduction into main force service with the USM. The "Cazadores" is the name of the extremely high-quality assault infantry in which the FANG specialises, trained in jungle, fallscreen and marine operations.

Also note that New Granada, while poor, is much richer and much much more industrialized than the IOW nations of Panama, Colombia, and Venezuela, as well as being twice as populous.

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