Minister for Foreign Affairs Malcolm Kitteridge.

The 1884 Kitteridge-Cardenes Treaty was an agreement negotiated by Minister for Foreign Affairs Malcolm Kitteridge of the Confederation of North America and Ambassador Simon Cardenes of the United States of Mexico.


Mexican author and statesman Simon Cardenes.

The treaty fixed the boundary between the Mexican state of Mexico del Norte and the Confederations of Northern and Southern Vandalia. The treaty also provided for an "open Caribbean" and set down the principle that each nation would encourage trade with the other by lowering tariffs. Sobel does not explain what was meant by an "open Caribbean", or whether the two nations followed through on the proposed tariff reductions. However, by 1890 Governor-General Ezra Gallivan was concerned enough about maintaining trade relations with Mexico that he did not allow the Mexican conquest of New Granada in the War for Salvation to disturb them.

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