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Liberal Party nominee Winfield Scott.

The 1848 Grand Council elections took place in February 1848, for the purpose of choosing the Second Grand Council of the Confederation of North America.

The elections occurred during the fourth year of the Rocky Mountain War, after the armed forces of the C.N.A. suffered several setbacks, including two unsuccessful attempts to take Conyers, the capital of the Mexican state of Mexico del Norte. Sobel makes no mention of the 1848 elections, so nothing definite is known about them except that the Unified Liberal Party retained its majority in the Grand Council and Winfield Scott won a second term as Governor-General.

Willie Lloyd of the Southern Confederation continued to lead the National Conservatives in the Grand Council up until the fall of the Scott government in May 1849, so it is likely that he was the National Conservative candidate in 1848.

C.N.A. Grand Council Elections