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3. NABC's Dr. Science is far more like Mr. Wizard IOW, or the hosts of those Bell System-sponsored science films my generation fondly remembers from 1960s grade school, than like Dr. Science IOW. The latter of course is a creation of Duck's Breath Mystery Theatre (see [1]) and famously holds "a master's degree in science". Almost as old and stuffy as the CNA's "Tiffany network" (NUBS), NABC was the first vita network to create a lineup of "responsible children's programming" in the 1950s. Over the decades the anchor of this lineup has been Dr. Science, illustrating basic principles with the help of a succession of boys, all named "Jimmy". Viewers IOW might find Dr. Science uncomfortably reminiscent of Peter Graves in the film Airplane!, but let's not go there. In any case, upstart NCCC was happy to give a national audience to a far livelier program developed at its Oldfields affiliate by a teaching fellow at the University of Georgia. (Recall that Oldfields, on the site of Tallahassee IOW, is the site of UG, listed in For Want of a Nail ... as one of the CNA's great universities. Oldfields is also a medium-sized city and one focus of a rather extensive metropolitan area along the "Redneck Riviera" of the Gulf Coast.)

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